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Do you want to monetize your proprietary data but aren't sure how?

Let's build your roadmap from frustration to monetization together!

You already know that your proprietary data, carefully and laboriously collected or created, holds value - but you lack the specialist data and AI capability to monetize this value.

Perhaps the quality of your data isn't clear. It might not be organized optimally, nor be easily accessible to all of your employees so that they can discover insights and generate innovative ideas.

Which new data-driven products should you aim for? How should you increase the volume and value of your data most efficiently? What should the order of these priorities be?

In this situation, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. And the competition - perhaps even with inferior products - are making headway because they are exploiting AI more effectively than you are presently able.


If this is you, I would love to help you take the journey from frustration to monetization. Together, we will create a clear roadmap that is aligned with your business goals. You will know what your priorities are, how they relate, and in which order you should pursue them. You will know what to do about people, processes and technology to realize tremendous new growth, driven by your data.

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My Clients Say

“Daniel has helped us leverage advanced machine learning methods in our service development. I value his combined understanding of business strategy and AI.”

Julien Brun, CEO, CEL


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