If you’re a maritime leader that wants to leverage AI to create new digital revenue streams or reduce costs, you’ve come to the right place. My mission is to help you achieve your ambitions.

I don’t believe in moving fast and breaking things; I believe in “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”, as they say in the special forces.

I believe in building things of lasting value and am looking for long term relationships with high-integrity men and women who share this world view. I believe in creating and growing together.

I did my PhD in applied mathematics at the Technical University of Denmark where I applied advanced Monte Carlo sampling and non-linear state-space methods to improve our understanding of brain imaging. One of my favorite aspects of machine learning is how you can apply it to almost anything – from brains, to ships.

I then co-founded a maritime startup, GreenSteam, where I am now part-time Chief Science Officer. GreenSteam was acquired by Lloyd’s Register in 2021.

I developed AI algorithms and decision support solutions to make merchant shipping more efficient and have been managing everything from sales and marketing to funding, finance and operations. Over the years my focus has shifted towards the strategic challenges of succeeding with AI in the real world of business.

I therefore have deep, practical insights into how to leverage AI and machine learning at the strategic level.

But what I’m all about is that it’s not about me – it’s about you. It’s about your goals and how you can best leverage AI to achieve them. I want to learn about and understand your business, challenges, your vision. I will help you achieve them; and I won’t make you look bad in the process. That’s a promise.

Let's connect!