Discover your best AI ROI opportunities: Panamax

It’s not about AI – it’s about how you can leverage AI to grow your business.

Depending on how fast your team works, you can obtain these benefits in less than a month.

Payment is up front. Before you pay anything though, we will have an online call to make sure that this product is right for you – and me.

Panamax is offered with a 100% money-back guarantee. If at any time within 1 month of payment you feel that you did not get the value you expected, I will refund your payment.

Discover key opportunities for AI ROI

It is easy to spend millions of dollars on AI projects that never pay back. I will help you discover the best opportunities for generating real value with AI. We will review your business model and strategy from the point of view of generating value with AI.

Develop your AI mindset

Through our workshop, you will learn to think about AI in a more productive way. You will gain a better understanding of how AI can really be applied strategically in your business.

Find the best protype project

The best AI prototype project is relatively simple but also has real potential to create value. I will help you find the best prototype project and describe in practical terms how you could proceed to actual implementation. This includes how the prototype will solve a clearly defined business problem, which models and algorithms would be needed, as well as data requirements, given your present data availability.

A solid business case

To actually succeed with any AI project, you need a solid business case. Based on our discussions, I will provide a clear business case that makes it clear why the prototype project is valuable - whether that is from reducing inefficiencies, increasing revenue, or improving customer satisfaction, or a combination of these and other objectives.

How it works

I will send you a 1-pager with some strategic questions to ponder with your management team, as preparation for the next step.

We then schedule an online 60-minute workshop. This should include yourself and select members of your management team. Here we go through your business models, strategy, and most important goals. We may also look into key challenges that you face, depending on your situation.

Next, your selected management team of up to three people will receive a survey to fill out. I will then personally interview your managers to discover the best ROI opportunities within their business areas.

Based on this, I will create an AI strategy report that outlines the best specific opportunities for return on AI investments for your business.

This will also include a clear business case for the AI prototype project that we will choose together.

This product will give you a good foundation for generating real value with AI moving forward.