Discover your best AI ROI opportunities: Handysize

Quickly discover fast wins with AI and mature your AI mindset.

Depending on how fast your team works, you can obtain these benefits in less than a week.

Before you commit, we will have a (free) online call to make sure that this product is right for you – and me.

Handysize is offered with a 100% money-back guarantee. If at any time within 1 month of payment you feel that you did not get the value you expected, I will refund your payment.

Discover key opportunities for AI ROI

It is easy to spend millions of dollars on AI projects that never pay back. I will help you discover the best opportunities for generating real value. We will review your business model and strategy to uncover areas that merit further investigation.

Develop your AI mindset

Through our workshop, you will learn to think about AI in a more productive way. You will gain a better understanding of how AI can be applied while minimizing risk.

How it works

I will then send you a 1-pager with some strategic questions to ponder with your management team, as preparation for the next step.

We then schedule an online 60-minute workshop. This should include yourself and select members of your management team. Here we go through your strategy and your business and operational models.

Based on this, I will create an AI strategy report that outlines which elements of your business should take the priority for further discovery.  While this is obviously not in-depth it will give you a good foundation for generating real value with AI moving forward.